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Principal Investigator

Professor Alfred Cuschieri


Professor Anne Neville

Project Coordinator

Dr Luigi Manfredi

Director of Mechanical Design

Dr Stuart Brown

Director of Imaging and Image Processing

Professor Emanuele Trucco

Leeds Clinical Director

Professor David Jayne

Director of Colon Preparation by Ultra Sound

Professor Sandy Cochran

Micro Actuator Design

Dr Stephen Wilson

Research Coordinator (mechatronics focus)

Dr Pete Culmer

Locomotion Control

Dr Cecilia Tapia Siles

Research Coordinator (Mechanical Design and Engineering)

Dr Robert Keatch

Robot Locomotion, Control and Systems Integration

Dr Jordan Boyle

Image Processing Design

Dr Ruixuan Wang

Colon/Media Interface, Absorption Kinetics, Cleaning and Micro-bubbles

Dr Adrian Hood

Research Coordinator (modelling focus)

Dr Rob Hewson

Colonic Simulation Systems, Hydrodynamic Modelling to Optimise Cleaning

Dr Ali Alazmani

Electronic Design Director

Dr Zhigang Wang

Mechanical Design

Mr Stuart Coleman

Novel Locomotion Solutions

Mr Markus Pakleppa

Novel Locomotion Strategies

Mr William Mayfield

In-situ Characterisation of Tissue Mechanical Properties

Miss Zahra Ehteshami

Multi-modal Sensing and Characterisation of Tissue Properties

Mr James Chandler

Novel Image Processing

Mr Siyamalan Manivannan

Senior Research Ultrasonic Clinic Preparation

Dr Paul Prentice

Novel Solution for Ultrasonic Clinic Preparation

Mr/Miss Somebody